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SOUNDS ANIMATED - Desktop Background by gensanity SOUNDS ANIMATED - Desktop Background by gensanity
Update 01/27/14 
2 more small sections moving. 

This is an Animated GIF meant to be used as a desktop background. 
Another new project I am working on.  A small one that will always be in the works.  I will slowly make more and more sections of the image move as I have time.  Look closely and you will see what I have done so far...

If you would like to use this as your desktop BG or just would like a copy of the animated GIF, please send 50 cents via chase quickpay or Paypal as a gift/family member pmt to avoid fees, and let me know what resolution you would like it as. 
This particular version is 720X720 but the original file is a bit larger so I can make in any resolution you need. 

After payment is received I will email you the file as an attachment.
Newer versions and updates will always be available for 50 cents. 
I am also offering the ability to sign up to receive instantly updated versions any time an update is made. 
For $2.00 I will add you to my email list and send you free updated GIF files any time additions are made, so you do not have to keep paying 50 cents for the latest file.  :)

Send payments to 
If you do not have paypal or chase quickpay, PM me and you can send a check. 

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January 20, 2014
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